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TVR Taimar for sale Sold


In metallic blue with a silver body stripe and a cream interior.

In immaculate condition throughout, this beautiful TVR Taimar was completely restored from the chassis up in 2014 and remains in superb order. 

The underside is clean and well presented as are the chassis, suspension and steering components. AVO shock absorbers are fotted.

The 3.0 litre Ford Essex engine, which was rebored and had new pistons fitted, runs sweetly with a four barrel Holley carburettor and rare Swaymar manifold, and sounds wonderful through the stainless exhaust system. The clutch has recently been renewed.

Inside, the interior has been beautifully retrimmed in cream leather piped blue, and fitted carpets in blue complement the blue dashtop. The folding Webasto style sunroof fits very well and there is a snazzy Pioneer CD/Bluetooth unit. The TVR alloy wheels are like new as are the stainless bumpers.

There is a lot of early service history including MOT certificates and invoices in the history along with a current V5 and a memory stick with information on the restoration.

Striking and in immaculate condition, this rare TVR Taimar provides fun sportscar driving in a distinctive package.