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Rover 3.0 litre P5 Convertible by FLM Panelcraft Sold


In Light Navy with mid blue leather interior

Registration number 500 CBY

A well known car in Rover circles, this one-off Drophead Coupe was built by FLM Panelcraft in London on a new Mk11 3.0 litre for a Mr. George Hansson, a Swedish Civil Engineer then living in the UK. He was a friend of Rover's Technical Director, Peter Wilks and the car was taken to Solihull for appraisal by the factory but they decided not to pursue the idea. It cost nearly half as much again on the new saloon puchase price to convert.

The Rover is a two door with four light bodywork. The roof folds nicely and there is a tonneau cover, and the passnger seat folds forward to gain access to the rear seats.

This unique car diasappeared for many years and was restored by Rover specialist Richard Spratley in the early nineteen nineties. Its history his well documented and has featured in a number of publications.. The car is in very good condition and a must for any Rover collector. There isn't another one!